Interiors Inspiration

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Steven Saunders, co-founder of design practice Fabled Studio, shares some of the secrets behind the playful interiors at Manzi’s…



What are some of the standout design features?

Diners will see nautical motifs such as netting, shells and mermaids but not in their traditional context. Instead, rope detailing is used around pilasters and on chandeliers; netting is stretched tight across the ceiling of the lobby, turning it into an architectural feature; four Verdigris mermaids hold up the first-floor bar and on the wall connecting the restaurant’s two floors, a giant mural featuring a taxidermy marlin references Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.


What are your own personal favourite features?

There are many, from the white rendered walls of the lobby, inspired by the interiors of Rick’s Café in Casablanca, to the intricate mosaic flooring, the 3D lobby mural featuring a Marlin, the large-scale alabaster Poseidon presiding over one of the dining tables and the mermaids perched on all four corners of the first-floor bar.